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Every technical graduate or even not technical graduate dream to work in the top companies like amazon, google, facebook, apple and etc.

To get job in these companies one should must learn programming and data structures.
So, Here are the top 40 questions regarding data structure and algorithms that will definitely help you to get job or internship in these product based companies.

List of questions (Click on questions to get optimal solution in python)

  1. Kadane’s Algorithm
  2. Best time to buy and sell stock
  3. Print elements in sorted order using column wise sorted matrix
  4. Maximum size rectangle
  5. Word wrap problem
  6. EDIT Distance
  7. Maximum sum such that no two elements are adjacent
  8. Implement Merge-Sort in place
  9. Quick sort for linked list
  10. Find the starting point of the loop
  11. Check if a binary tree contains duplicate subtree of size two or more
  12. Fid all duplicate subtrees binary tree
  13. Merge two BST
  14. Largest BST in a binary tree
  15. Job sequencing problem
  16. Huffman Coding
  17. Maximize the sum of arr[i]*i
  18. Program for sort job first CPU scheduling
  19. Minimum cost of ropes
  20. Rat in a maze problem
  21. Print all palindromic partitions of a string
  22. Partition of a set into k subsets with equal sum
  23. Merge overlapping interval
  24. LRU cache implementation
  25. Find the first circular tour that visits all petrol pumps
  26. Next smaller elements
  27. Merge k sorted linked list
  28. Implement BFS and DFS
  29. Cheapest flight with k-strops
  30. Water jug problem using BFS
  31. Given a sequence of words print all anagrams together
  32. Print unique rows in a given Boolean matrix
  33. Largest sum contiguous subarray
  34. Mobile Numeric keypad problem
  35. Minimum cost to fill given weight in a bag
  36. Maximum length chain of pairs
  37. Partition problem
  38. Coin game winner
  39. Count number of bits to flipped A -> B
  40. Change decimal to binary and any other

All 40 questions mentioned above covered all topics such ad array, linked list, hash, Dynamic programming, Graph, Tree and etc.

So, ALL the best for your preparation, Hope you all can find your way to your destination.

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